JBL Solar Energy of Sonoma County is the best source for a green experience. With our help, you will have a turnkey solar electric system installed with peace of mind.


Join the green revolution with JBL Solar Energy!

JBL Solar Energy provides complete solar power solutions and solar panel installations for off-grid systems, grid-tie systems, solar thermal pool heating, domestic hot water, and systems with battery or generator backup.

JBL Solar Energy offers turnkey solar solutions for residential and small commercial sized solar power projects. If you’re looking to reduce utility costs with solar panels, eliminate utility costs, or have emergency backup solar power, JBL Solar Energy is dedicated to providing you with the ability to produce your own power.

JBL Solar Energy has over 10 years of professional PV experience and is locally owned and operated.

Our engineers and certified installers will ensure that your solar power needs are met. Our principal, Sam Prom, has designed and permitted well over 600 systems, large and small. Our courteous staff will help you to understand your options and how a solar system can work for you. All of our systems are backed by full parts and labor guarantee and manufacturer’s warranty.

JBL Solar Energy is a fully licensed and insured solar contractor dedicated to professional excellence and the satisfaction of our customers.

If you are interested in an estimate to install a solar electric or thermal system for your home or business, JBL Solar Energy provides free no obligation quotes and energy audits.