Welcome To Your Local Solar Energy Expert!

JBL Solar Energy is a highly experienced local installer of all energies renewable. We provide high-quality installations–rooftop (even on roofs our competition does not favor), ground mounts, ballasted and off-grid solutions. We do the work, and we service what we build here in Sonoma County, also in Marin, Napa and occasionally beyond.

We advocate the superior benefits of owning solar over renting it (though we can give you a choice), so we think that understanding this investment in home, family and a greener planet is key. Reflecting the 15 years experience of our Principal Sam Prom, and the wisdom of the deep experience provided by our team, this blog is intended to be a platform to inform and update the ever-changing information that we embrace as our business.

I started working in solar almost 3 years ago…there is always something new to know. The utilities don’t make it easy to understand! The cost-of-installation has dropped about 40% in my time in this amazing industry…so they and their cronies want it for themselves. Fortunately, homeowners and business owners who control their own property can still enjoy the financial benefits–fixing costs, saving money and building equity, all using money they are spending anyway.

We hope you enjoy the information and opinions provided as this blog unfolds, and that you will feel free to contact us for any clarifications or new questions that you would like to see addressed!

Welcome to JBL Solar, and to a better planet!

Taylor Poff, Sales & Project Manager

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