Important Questions You Need to Ask


1. Is the person or company you are considering a licensed contractor?

Beware of “Solar Businesses” that are not properly licensed! Ask what kind of license they have, verify that they hold a C10 and/or C46 state certified contractor’s license. Ask for their license number or to see a copy of their license.

2. Will the company that you are considering be using subcontractors?

If so, ask to see the subcontractors’ license(s), insurance, as well as their certifications to install solar.

3. Is your home or business protected from accident liability during the installation? Ask the contractor to provide you with proof of general liability and worker’s compensation coverage. Otherwise, you could find yourself liable in case of an on-the-job accident occurring at your residence or place of business.

4. Have you been provided with a clear, understandable solar access and shade report?

As a result of a solar site assessment, you should receive a solar analysis report informing you about your solar potential and yearly expected system production.

5. Any design considerations? Has your contractor discussed with you the layout of your system with regard to how it will perform and how it will look?

You are making a considerable investment and therefore your system’s performance and appearance are critical.

6. What if there is a problem after the installation is completed?

Who will warrant your system? Will your solar installer service your system and do so in a timely manner? Will your installer charge you for service calls?

7. Is the workmanship guaranteed?

Find out if the workmanship on your solar system will be guaranteed, covering issues that may arise after installation, at no additional cost.

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