Photovoltaic Feasibility Study

JBL Solar Energy provides a Photovoltaic Feasibility Study which provides valuable information. Grants and loan applications can require this type of professional report; however, a Photovoltaic Feasibility Study is recommended before beginning any photovoltaic project.

Solar Site Assessment

During the solar site assessment, we will determine the specifics of your site, perform a load analysis, and analyze your existing electrical service to determine your solar capability. We will then discuss your solar options, energy objectives, system costs, and other variables.

PV System Design

Using the information determined from the site assessment, we will custom design and engineer your solar system.

Solar Energy System

Whether your home or business is new or pre-existing, we will design your solar system to suit your location.

Solar Installation

Once we have a signed contract, our staff will pull the permits, obtain all materials necessary for your solar system, and coordinate with utility company, inspectors, and all code officials in a timely manner. We will handle all paperwork necessary for any rebates and/or incentives available to you. We are adept with odd roofs, and are often called by others referring projects with special circumstances they can’t handle. Our company is known for work that is clean, attractive, and effective.

System Upgrades and Relocation

We offer expansion designs for smaller systems and system upgrades to replace outdated equipment. We also offer system relocations.

Removal and Replacement

If you have an existing roof-mounted solar system and need a new roof, we will remove your equipment and reinstall it on your new roof.

System Maintenance

We offer annual service and maintenance contracts to keep your solar system producing as much energy as possible. Contact us for any preventative maintenance and service required issues.


We will meet with your architects, builders, and engineers to discuss the proper solar design and implementation of your solar equipment.

Residential and Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

If you need station(s), or an upgrade to a faster higher-voltage charger, we can help you with that. Remember, electric vehicles enjoy great synergy with any solar electric.